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Gambling new strict rules are to be introduced on ‘bet now’ adverts

The new rules will monitor and restrict gambling adverts during live events. Such an approach is aimed at protection of users who are vulnerable and susceptible to ads like that. CAP stated that new standards would take care of false offers as well as free bets.

Committee of Advertising Practice has already fined ElectraWorks for misleading ads.

CAP is responsible not only for coming up with stricter gambling rules, but they are also bound to monitor any cases where the laws are broken by betting companies.

According to the upcoming rules, any ads that are supposed to encourage or suggest free of risk bets will be restricted.

From now on a big free bet ad that is supposed to play on someone’s financial state or self-esteem are proclaimed to be banned. The restrictions on free bets are already applied while all the other new standards will come into operation on April 2nd.

Some more info on Free bets

The fact is that all the complaints that concern gambling ads are centered around the users forced to make deposits before they access their free bets or withdraw their winnings. That is why CAP came with the suggestion that from now on all the bonus offers as well as bet ones must state the precise terms and conditions. What is more, all the money-back offers can come in cash only not a chance in some bonuses.

ElectraWorks company has already paid their price since the fine they had to pay was £350 000. How did CAP catch them? The complaints from the customers stated that instead of stated deposit amount of up to £30 they had to wager £102 before their matched bonus was released.

As the commission discovered six more cases like that the gambling company was to stand responsible.

As the case proceeded GVC firm that stands behind ElectraWorks, stated that they take full responsibility for any mishaps leading to customer’s dissatisfaction. They will do anything to right the wrongs while they will try to ensure that cases of the kind will never have another chance.

In the meantime, Gary Gillies, Managing Director of Big Free Bet, stated that he agrees with the upcoming rules because he thinks that all the terms and conditions should indeed be clear to the customers. However, at the same time, he says that he will not allow it that the regulations over the industry go over the edge, they have their rights to, and they will stick up to them.

Online Gambling: What is Reliable and What is Not

We looked at the reliability of each online casino, speed of payment, the extent to which players are protected against themselves, game offerings and bonuses at games like agen judi bola.

We have developed an objective and independent assessment methodology. As a result, every casino has received an honest score and an honest review online. If it’s good, it’s good. But if it is bad, the comparing sites also report it. The comparing sites are not a review site where every casino gets the maximum score online.

So you can quickly and easily find a reliable online casino with favorable conditions and where you get your prize money paid on time and without any hassles. You choose from the best online casinos.

How Do I Recognize A Good And Reliable Online Casino?

Thanks to the objective and honest assessment method of the online casinos, you can see at a glance whether an online casino is worth a try. The comparing sites compare casinos on more than six topics.

You will find no casino reviews on our website where each casino has a high score and it is unclear how exactly that score came about. Because Casino reviews are even more honest, comprehensive and written by real casino players, you quickly recognize whether an online casino is reliable and good.

Is The Bonus Player-Friendly?

We assess online casino bonuses not only on the number of percentages you receive or the number of Euros. Comparing Sites look critically at the conditions that apply to a bonus. The difference between a good casino bonus and a bad casino bonus is not a few Euros, but the bonus conditions.

For example, we look at the precise playing conditions. But whether a bonus can be paid out and if so, and whether a maximum payout applies must be taken into consideration. And are there snakes hidden under the bonus conditions? Then you can read that in the online casino reviews of the comparing sites. Bonuses are assessed on our website on the basis of the complete picture. Not only on the basis of an attractive bonus percentage.

Is the Game Offer Reliable?

A good and reliable online casino has a good and reliable game offer. The game offer is essential. Slot machines and other casino games that are under the supervision of a reliable supervisor mean that you get fair play.

Online Casino therefore looks further than to some game titles and bright logos. For example, we investigate whether the games are indeed running from servers in the European Union.

Offline Casino was for example the first and is also about the only one who writes about the juggling with payout percentages. Casinos receive points for both the size of the game and the quality.

Our casino test rating

Overall, we have in our review a very good casino experience. Anyone who thinks that the virtual gambling hall is just an additional product to the sports betting is mistaken. The online casino is an independent offer, mainly with strengths and very few weak points. The game selection is extensive, of course, the slots stand out including the progressive jackpots. A special praise earns the separate High Roller Games as well as the Live-Casino. The deposits and withdrawals are handled completely free of charge. Customer support is available at any time of the day or night. The welcome bonus is summarily and in percentage very good, but without standing in the ranking in the Top5. It is a pity that the exact payout ratios are not externally verified.

However, this point is not an indication of or rip-off. The 10bet casino is reputable. Only the EU license of the Malta Gaming Authority is sufficient to confirm the security beyond doubt.

The EU license of the Maltese Gambling Authority has a clear path. A casino with a Malta license can in our experience only serious, because the license is otherwise very quickly gone. But we have also found other important security features at Casino, which clearly speak for a serious offer. On the content level, we also found many positive details, such as a good live customer service, an excellent Novoline portfolio with many classics, a lucrative 750 Euro new customer bonus and the ability to pay in and out with Paypal.

Unfortunately, the Casino has temporarily removed the games of Novoline from the range, but who still does not want to miss the popular games like “Book of Ra”, the Casino has much to offer, including the new version of Book of Ra, the book of dead.

The Casino is one of the exclusive online casinos with Novoline games. The casino games of Novomatic enjoy a legendary reputation, because this manufacturer has a great tradition. A lot of games in the Casino are based on real machines, so that a high level of awareness is present. The following titles are among the best-known slot machines in the German-speaking world : Book of Ra Deluxe, Lord Of The Ocean, Xtra Hot, Sizzling Hot Deluxe, Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe and Lucky Lady’s Charm . There are more than 160 games by Novoline in the game offer, so that after our casino experience the play fun is permanently secured on a high level. Novomatic is famous for classic slot machines, but in Casino there are also table games such as roulette and blackjack as well as video poker in various variants. For the Casino Bonus the new player has many attractive games available. Read more at

The various ways to manage things when you are playing

We will tell you about it in our article, it is articulated under three notions the management of your playing time, the management of your budget and the management of your emotions. Let’s see each of the parties together. In order to win big you can always try happyluke casino.

Manage Your Time

When you play online casino, you are quietly and comfortably at home, you have nothing to think but to play. It is therefore a privileged moment during which you should have fun and not see the time pass. This is the danger. Yes, you will focus so much on the game that time will go by at incredible speed. This is where you absolutely have to control yourself so that you do not spend all your afternoon on your computer and free up spaces to do something else. Our advice is to simply set your alarm on an hour of play, which is more than enough per day or session, as you feel. But try not to really exceed this limit, whatever the situation of your game at this moment that is to say that you win or lose.

Manage Your Money

Managing your budget is just as important, if not more because once again, depositing on an online casino is easy. You can easily take your credit card and let you go. The best is to calculate a budget per month that you can afford to spend, without having any pressure behind, such as having to earn absolutely to pay the bills. No, this money must be lost without affecting your personal life. Our advice is to calculate the amount of the average bet that you can achieve each time you play to never be negative  for example, you have calculated a budget of € 200 per month for the game, you play 4 once a month on Saturdays for an hour each time. You play slots, you make two stakes per minute, you play one hour is 60 minutes, so you will make 120 bets. So you make 50 € / 120 stakes = 40 cents per spin. Thus, you will never exceed your budget and you will even end up positive because we have not included the gains you will make during the game in this budget.

Manage the Defeat but Also the Victory

The management of his behavior is also very important but very easy to understand. You lose, accept it, the casino is an environment where before you win a lot, you have to know how to lose a little. The important thing is not wanting to remake (hence the management of its budget) to not enter a vicious circle which it would be difficult to get out. You win, it’s great but do not forget that casino games are often based on luck so do not think it will happen to you every time, just enjoy this victory while waiting for the next one.

Online Casino Bonus: The Latest Craze That Attracting Many Players

In recent years, online casino turns as the latest craze that has swept all over the world. Many new players are attracted every day. There are a number of online casino rooms that are offering casino online  bonuses as incentives. This will attract new members. Nice to know that casino bonuses offer a good opportunity for the beginners to learn to play the game without a need to put financial at risk. Online casino can be confusing especially for those who have not played the game yet. Players should contend with the jargon and language of terms aside from learning the basic rules of the game. This might put some beginners spoil and off what should be enjoyed. Moreover, casino bonuses are available but new players were not clarified on how to qualify for the bonuses. Especially if these new players are not aware and familiar about the casino terminologies.

How do casino bonuses work?

Newcomers should know how casino bonuses should work. This can be a big help for the newcomers to get started with online casino. New players need to be aware that there are certain qualifications in order to get this offer. Most of the online casino rooms don’t easily award a bonus instantly to a newcomer after opening a new account or even after first deposit. Casino bonuses generally awarded through stages as a loyalty award for the players. Directly speaking, you are able to get the bonus the more you play the more you get the chance of getting more free chips. Here how these casino bonuses work. There is more info for your reference through various online resource. The rake is the money right in the table that had won by a player. Most of the online casino rooms give an award to a player with the nice reward points. But, it depends on the contribution to every rake. The bonus points will be awarded irrespectively to a player.

Bonuses for the benefits of casino rooms and players

Bonuses are not only intended for casino players. Since casino rooms opt of wanting to see that the players are getting involved in the game, bonuses are awarded. This is for the benefit of the player as well as the casino room. Casino player will aggressively play online casino to get bonuses while the online casino rooms gain an increase traffic of gamers. These bonuses are released into the players’ account. It helps casino players to continue playing and earn more points. Before registering in an online casino room, try to check if bonuses and promotions are available as well. One of the best South African portals to help you get all the nessessary information about online gambling in South Africa. Check South African online casino rating, the best online casino reviews, casino games descriptions, ZAR online casinos , daiy updates about new casinos, new promotions, tournaments and bonuses. Research the best and the most convinient payment methods for South African players, LIVE casinos and much more.

Some websites offer the best bonuses while others don’t offer it as much. In order to take full advantage of free bets such as these, you must know the mechanics and requirements first. For more info and more specific details, try clicking the link.

UK Casino Awards: New Roulette Strategies to Win The Game

If you have something of interest in the game of roulette, you should have listened to the question frequently. What are the new strategies of roulette to win the game? “The honest answer is that until now no strategies have been developed that can make you win every time you turn the wheel, but this does not mean you cannot make good money with this game.” There are several roulette strategies that can make your games very profitable and you can Get More Information on this. Common sense, good knowledge of the rules and the new strategy of roulette, and the ability to see the game are some things that can make a person is an experienced player in the game.


First, you must be careful when choosing a bet.

You must carefully choose your bets so that the probability of winning increases. If you are a beginner and do not want to lose your money while you learn to play roulette, the free system is the best for you. Do not think about plastering the roulette table on your first try. The free roulette system allows you to play without putting real money on the card and allows you to determine your winning strategy before investing your hard earned money in bets. This eliminates all the possibilities of huge losses of money in the initial stage of their games. Therefore, you will not have any bad events, like all those players who start playing with real money, and then blame the game for their mistakes. Why put your money on the card when there is a free system to prepare for the game with a paid system?

However, we can not ignore the scammers who work in the roulette industry, who have made it very important for roulette lovers to exercise maximum caution during the game. A complete knowledge of the game is really necessary to have a good gaming experience, but a good knowledge of the system is equally important. You must select a proven and reliable system to avoid scammers. You can find a couple of good systems that have pretty attractive records. Before starting the game you must be aware of the system.

You can also earn a union bonus.

This strategy is beneficial in many ways. The registration bonus is directly related to the amount you deposit. If you get a good bonus to join, you can use it in the game with other people’s money and learn a lot by playing this way. This is very useful for those who play in the early stages and are not fully aware of the procedures of online games.


It is true that every turn of the roulette has unpredictable results, but choosing a good strategy can definitely make your chances of winning stronger. You must know the pros and cons of all strategies, especially the new roulette strategies and you can click this link

Techniques in Winning Extra in Sports Betting

A lot of websites provide you one of the most preferred casino video games consisting of Blackjack, Live roulette, Port Machines, Video Clip Texas Holder, Pay Gown Casino Poker, Caribbean Texas Holder, Battle and Baccarat. They are frequently  creating aparate pacanele  brand-new video games and they will notify you whenever they include a brand-new video game. Advanced photo innovation, noise and video game play supply the enjoyment and online feeling of a real-live casino. Several table video games are multi-player video games. While having fun with an additional gamer you might talk and connect with various other gamers. Many video games utilize an arbitrary number generator (RNG), which indicates that the end result of every video game is really unforeseeable, much like an actual casino sites. They maintain a document of all wagers and purchases for your safety.

Pro Gaming Tips the Online Casino Sites Will Not Inform You

If your link stops working while you remain in the center of a video game, you still have as several possibilities of winning as the various other gamers. When the link is re-established, you can get in the “Background” web page and see the outcomes of the last round. Jackpots are still attributed to your account. If, when dipping into a Slots, an interference happens prior to you have actually pushed the ‘Spin’ or ‘Bet Max’ switch, after that the credit scores are gone back to your Equilibrium. If it happens afterward – the round will proceed. If you had a winning mix, your Equilibrium is attributed according to it. If you’re playing live roulette and you obtain separated after you put your bet and prior to you pushed the ‘Spin’ switch, your bet will be gone back to your Equilibrium. If it occurs after you positioned your bet and pushed ‘Spin’ and prior to the round arrived on a number, the round will proceed.

Sports Betting System – Do Not Allow the Buzz Control Your Gaming Self-control!

If, while playing Video clip Texas holder an interference takes place after you positioned your credit history in the message box called “Credit report” or “Bet” and you have not pushed the ‘Deal/Draw’ switch yet, after that the credit histories are gone back to your Equilibrium. With online betting, you can most definitely do away with unjust negotiations throughout the sporting activities wagers. Naturally, picking the very best groups is likewise crucial in making the best victories in sporting activities betting. Just bet what you can pay for to shed. In the initial situation, in order to maintain the video game well-versed and to avoid instances where among the gamers is standing up the video game; online casino proprietors have actually established a time frame for putting a bet. It’s not required for you to download and install software application to dip into all the online gambling establishments. All you need to do is to focus on the circumstance of the video game and its feasible results without being fretted about the battles and fights at the end.

Online Casinos From RTG (Real Time Video Gaming)

Offered this info, begin searching for every single feasible resource for reputable approaches and methods on just how you can improve your roulette odds.Real Time Gaming (RTG) began its presence in 1998, when the game sector was experiencing a boom. Continuing on their means, the company has actually become one of the leading business in the development industry gambling amusement. RTG went into the top five at the conclusion of Online Gambling Magazine. Real Time Gaming supplies some of the best video gaming areas that are available worldwide and, as a result, several of the very best casino sites in the world, using their software program. This is a company which is participated in video gaming seriously, as well as the results when there is for all.

Real Time Gaming

Software Program Real Time Gaming Real Time Gaming is a pacesetter in the market, they always make some innovations. Agents of the business’s commitment to quality make this feasible. The business has a lengthy checklist of advancements that have taken the marketplace of brand-new technologies cult. This สล็อต  checklist includes one of the fastest Blackjack video games in the world that have a fantastic household with his hands in a minute. It also has a lengthy listing of video clip casino poker games available.

Live Gaming has actually ended up being the forerunner of many modern video games of texas hold’em, along with the network system of progressive and also detailed video game of bingo. In a variety of interesting recreation room, which can be tailored to the demands of consumers, the company is without a doubt a leader when it comes to video gaming services.Software for on the internet casino sites Developed by Real Time Gaming casino games integrated with feedback control system, which is the world standards. This enables drivers to view, examine and also check all work. The coverage system permits the operator to access information that is crucial, and also hence aids them to choose that is important to the procedure.Software Program Company Real Time Gaming is a clear, fast as well as easy to make use of.

Are casino employees moving to non-gaming jobs?

Since the first site launched in the mid-1990s, online casino sites have proven to be an excellent addition to the gambling industry. Not only does it allow you to try out your favourite casino games from the comfort of your own home, it has also given people a chance to try out these games if they weren’t able to before.


The majority of casino sites offer all kinds of casino games such as blackjack, roulette and poker. However, some sites go above and beyond to give users a bit of variety and offer games that you might not find elsewhere.


Paddy Power is a great example of offering alternative games to online users. As well as offering the traditional casino games, Paddy Power also offers users the chance to try out the many scratch cards they have available. If you feel like trying out some of the scratch cards they have to offer then you can try them out here:


Although online casinos might offer players all kinds of games for them to play, land-based casinos are still going strong. Locations such as Las Vegas, Macau, and Monte Carlo have been a popular destination for gamblers over the years thanks to the attractions and casinos which they offer.


A study conducted by the University of Nevada in Las Vegas claimed that casinos in the ‘Las Vegas Strip’ generated around £12 billion ($17 billion) in revenue in 2017. This figure is the highest that has been recorded since the data was first recorded in 1990.


Obviously casinos will always remain a popular destination as it is arguably one of the best social experiences to have if you’re a fan of gambling. However, visitors wouldn’t have this fantastic experience if it wasn’t for the casino employees. Regardless of where they work in the casino, the employees provide the best possible service for their guests.


Although casinos are doing better than ever in terms of revenue generated, the number of employees hired has slowly been decreasing over the past few years.


This infographic has been created which looks at how casinos are using their casinos in 2018. Have a look.

PP Games Do’s and Dont’s

It’s estimated that there’s over 5,000 Casinos across the globe, proving that over the years, they’ve only grown in popularity, despite being illegal in many states and countries around the world. For many people, stepping into a casino for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially if you don’t understand the rules, so we’ve put together this easy to read guide to the simple etiquette rules of the casino.

Drop us a comment and be sure to let us know if it helped you, and don’t forget to share it with your pals!

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