Insight into horse racing NAPs

Something that a lot of punters might not consider is the extensive selection of jargon involved in horse racing. It’s important to learn all of the ins and outs of any sport before staking any money on it and the same goes for horse racing, as it can become complicated if you fail to do your own research beforehand.

One of the most confusing horse racing betting terms is the NAP, which tends to be overestimated by a lot of novices. The term NAP comes from a French card game called Napoleon, where the winning hand is also called a Napoleon, eventually shortened to Nap. People use the word for betting on horse racing as the most likely horse to win from the day’s action. More information can be found on The Winners Enclosure’s Nap Of The Day page, which provides further insight into the term, as well astheir own regular NAP tips.

Why do punters back NAPs?

For frequent horse racing bettors, a NAP is a cornerstone in betting on the sport. The reason that sites like The Winners Enclosure look to have a NAP every single day of the year is so they can show consistence in landing at least one horse tip per day. Horse racing NAPs are the best way of doing this as, even though most tips will be given low odds, it’s an indication that they’re good at what they do.

This is a strong method of showing a tipster’s worth and it’s used by all of the more experienced websites. For instance, if a betting website offered out a NAP that landed even at odds as low as 1/5, it would show that they were able to pick out a winning horse. If it lost at the same odds, it would say a lot about the tipster but for all of the wrong reasons.

Strong horse NAP tips

Picking out NAP tips takes a different focus than merely finding horses that are expected to win or place. Every punter knows how likely their bets are to land, and as your chosen NAP is supposed to be the strongest horse tip you’ll pick from every race taking place that day, it must be practically certain to win.Most horse tipsters and betting websitesuse NAPs as a way of proving their skill for picking winning bets so it’s rare that they’ll pick one out based on the potential returns.