Gambling new strict rules are to be introduced on ‘bet now’ adverts

The new rules will monitor and restrict gambling adverts during live events. Such an approach is aimed at protection of users who are vulnerable and susceptible to ads like that. CAP stated that new standards would take care of false offers as well as free bets.

Committee of Advertising Practice has already fined ElectraWorks for misleading ads.

CAP is responsible not only for coming up with stricter gambling rules, but they are also bound to monitor any cases where the laws are broken by betting companies.

According to the upcoming rules, any ads that are supposed to encourage or suggest free of risk bets will be restricted.

From now on a big free bet ad that is supposed to play on someone’s financial state or self-esteem are proclaimed to be banned. The restrictions on free bets are already applied while all the other new standards will come into operation on April 2nd.

Some more info on Free bets

The fact is that all the complaints that concern gambling ads are centered around the users forced to make deposits before they access their free bets or withdraw their winnings. That is why CAP came with the suggestion that from now on all the bonus offers as well as bet ones must state the precise terms and conditions. What is more, all the money-back offers can come in cash only not a chance in some bonuses.

ElectraWorks company has already paid their price since the fine they had to pay was £350 000. How did CAP catch them? The complaints from the customers stated that instead of stated deposit amount of up to £30 they had to wager £102 before their matched bonus was released.

As the commission discovered six more cases like that the gambling company was to stand responsible.

As the case proceeded GVC firm that stands behind ElectraWorks, stated that they take full responsibility for any mishaps leading to customer’s dissatisfaction. They will do anything to right the wrongs while they will try to ensure that cases of the kind will never have another chance.

In the meantime, Gary Gillies, Managing Director of Big Free Bet, stated that he agrees with the upcoming rules because he thinks that all the terms and conditions should indeed be clear to the customers. However, at the same time, he says that he will not allow it that the regulations over the industry go over the edge, they have their rights to, and they will stick up to them.

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